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Dual-Band RF Circuits and Components for Multi-Standard Software Defined Radios


The advent of multi-standard and multi-band software defined radio (SDR) applications has necessitated the design and deployment of dual-band RF components and circuits considering the numerous advantages of such designs over the traditional narrow band circuits and components. For example, a dual-band power amplifier (PA) not only simplifies the hardware complexity but also provides higher reconfigurability [1] and hence makes it a front runner for deployment in SDR architectures [2]–[3]. Furthermore, the evolution of communication technologies demands the use of dualband/ multi-band RF circuits so as to acc ommodate many standards simultaneously for facilitating and guaranteeing the backward compatibility of future standards (such as 4 G) based system for smooth network migration and upgrades. These technological requirements have also led to commercial introduction of dual-band base stations and repeaters [4]–[6]. Furthermore, the advancement in CMOS and other MMIC technologies, although, is challenging the transmission line based passive circuit techniques but the high power handling ability of transmission line based circuits are potentially very useful in applications such as the design of high power/high efficiency PAs and transmitters. This article elaborates on the techniques employed in the design of transmission line based dual-band RF components in the context of multi-band/multi-mode SDR architecture, highlighting the problems which need to be addressed during the design process.

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RSLogix 5000

RSLogix 5000 adalah software yang digunakan untuk memprogram PLC ControlLogix. Pada saat tulisan ini dibuat, RSLogix 5000 berjalan pada komputer dengan sistem operasi Microsoft Windows 2000 atau Windows XP. RSLogix 5000 yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan gambar-gambar pada buku panduan ini adalah RSLogix 5000 versi 19. Selain RSLogix 5000 kita juga memerlukan software RSLinx sebagai software interface antara komputer dengan ControlLogix. Ini diperlukan pada saat download/upload atau online monitoring. Bila menggunakan I/O ControlNet kita juga memerlukan software RSNetworx for ControlNet, sedangkan bila menggunakan I/O DeviceNet kita memerlukan software RSNetworx for DeviceNet. (more…)

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Programmable logic controller (PLC) adalah suatu system control yang terdiri dari peralatan elektronik yang digunakan untuk mengontrol proses tertentu. PLC merupakan bagian system control yang terhubung dengan komponen control seperti switch, solenoid, dan sensor-sensor lainnya. PLC yang merupakan bagian control system terhubung langsung dengan proses control yang dilakukan sesuai dengan program yang ada pada memori. PLC akan menerima data sinyal masukan, memprosesnya dan menghasilkan keluaran sebagai data keluarannya. (more…)

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Common Linear Models Used in Model Predictive Control

In the first instance this article will make no apologies for giving just a summary statement about models. The art of modelling and the subtle differences between ARX, ARMA, and ARMAX models to name just a few is not a topic that is central to the theme of this article and is a subject covered extensively elsewhere. However, the reader should be aware that the selection of the model is the most important part of an MPC design. Unexpectedly poor performance of an MPC controller will often be due to poor modelling assumptions. We will assume that the model is given and hence the purpose of this chapter is solely to show that different model types can be used in an MPC framework. How one can modify models to achieve benefits in an MPC design will be considered in later chapters.

You can use pretty much any model you like in an MPC strategy; however, if the model is nonlinear, then the implied optimisation may be nontrivial and moreover may not even converge. We will concentrate only on linear models and allow that any nonlinearity is mild and hence can be dealt with well enough by assuming model uncertainty and some gain scheduling of control laws. One article is not enough to cover the linear and the nonlinear case properly. (more…)

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Radar is a remote-sensing system that is widely used for surveillance, tracking, and imaging applications, for both civilian and military needs. In this chapter, we focus attention on future possibilities of radar with particular emphasis on the notion of cognition. As an illustrative case study along the way, we consider the radar surveillance problem. (more…)

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